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Company Background

Company Founding
Induss SoftWerks, LLC  was legally organized in 2001 in New Jersey, USA. The company was formed from the pooling of software resources of software developers; however, at the time of the pooling of the software resources, the pooled resources were in different stages of development: Some were in testing phase, others have reached beta phases, and others yet were still in alpha stages.

These pooled resources collectively define the development-technology base of Induss SoftWerks, LLC, and provided the base from which the product development of the embryonic stage of the company-venture development was initiated in 2001. However, in enforcing a disconnect between the company business and the embryonic product development, the company was operated as a Contract-Consulting company and the Marketing Channel of software developed from the pooled resources.

Although constituting the development-technology base and therefore permitting that derivative works were made from the pooled resources, all rights of ownership of both the original and the derivative works remained with the owners of the pooled resources.

The products development endeavour finally came to a successful completion in 2007 with the development of the primary platform, the EquiProc Design Platform. Upon the completion of the product development stage, and in preparation for formal inception of the company as a full-fledged independent operating software vendor, Nkassens Trust to which the rights of the pooled resources have subsequently been formally consigned, granted exclusive license to Induss Softwerks, LLC in support of the scope of company business, and as a consequence came under the collective management of Nkassens Consortium, with attendant strengthening of its development skill-set as reflected by Alliance and Collaborative Partnerships.

Following some legal issues in 2007 all of which have not been fully adjudicated as yet in the Courts of Law, the software owners withheld further marketing until certain  corporate organizational design and ownership rights have been resolved. During that period until 2016 various plans to relaunch were planned but were found to be too forward thinking until September 2016, when final resolutions were made to relaunch, effectively finally starting the Execution Phase of the veture Startup Stage of the company, and schedules by all parties for the release of the software under the Trade mark of "SoftWerks" as was always the understanding at the onset.

As of the formal agreement for inception of operations, the company has defined the markets for participation as in the Biological and Medical Industries, and the product-niche as Science and Technology Software, and with Business Applications software to enable integrated operating of companies in the target industries.    

Company Business
The company business is the development, production, marketing and sales, of Scientific and Technology software and the provisioning of technical support services to software products.

Company Mission
The mission of the company is the availing of the Biological and Medical Industries of advanced scientific and technology software effectively empowering even the small business of the industries to the same sophisticated software.


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