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  SoftWerks-AningbaTM BioTechs Computing System
  SoftWerks-AningbaTM  is the Trade-Mark of the collaboration between Induss SoftWerks LLC and Aningba R&D Cos
A computational analyzer of Suspended Microbes Bioreactions kinetics and the construction of the related Monod Kinetics. This Edition assumes dissolved oxidation gas, and so the presence of gas bubbles is assumed away. experimental Kinetics data are analyzed to generate the substrate utilization and cell-growth rate equations with which Biomass Growth rate is computed, and the bioreactor performance analyzed.
Product Editions
The software often is available in combination with these options and as such, as Models:

Isothermal Composited Reactions Monod Kinetics
NonIsothermal Composited Reactions Monod Kinetics
Isothermal Composited Reactions Mass Action Kinetics
Nonisothermal Composited Reactions Mass Action Kinetics

Product Functionality
Each Model, therefore, has a different pricing depending on the options with which it is compiled. The choice of the data Compiler and the BioMetric Login are primarily to support such other systems as
Microbes Properties Data Archival Databases
Scientific Applications Computing
Bioinformatics Computational System

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