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J2EE Systems Designs

Enterprise web applications of multi-tier architecture are essential aspect of online information dissemination that requires ground-level data security absent of the co-implementation of Secured Socket Layer (SSL) or Secured Shell (SSH), and J2EE systems provide such with base security  and is therefore the preferred choice.

J2EE Systems Applications
Currently, the J2EE systems available for purchase spans several businesses in many industries can not all be listed here; however, a sample of the businesses include these listed:

Online Publishing Systems
Medical Records Online Systems
Cloud Computing Systems

SoftWerks Model J2EE Designs
The designs of the Model-J2EE systems are fully enterprise wide compliant architecture, having been designed as multi-tiered architecture, consisting in the minimum of three units: The Web Applications, EJB Server and a Data Logic supported by the IneBlee Data Server for speed of database searches.

Depending on the application-needs, some of the designs have the  EJB-Servers further augmented with in-process executing databases for speed. Besides, the implementation of the class objects of EJB Server across several systems results in lower per-unit cost of each business-specific J2EE system relative to customer-specific implementation of such system.

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