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IneBleč Data Server

Developed for the dedicated recording and searches of  Enterprise -wide mission critical data, The IneBleč Data Server is the company's newest Data Management Engine, the workhorse of the Data Management System software-products of the company.

The Data Server and Features
The IneBleč Data Services Manager is a GUI application through which the Software Administrator or Super-User interacts with the databases and the Data Server Systems. Effectively, the Data Services Manager is used to effect the configuration of the component applications to ensure integrated and interactive operation, used for enforcing Access-Security on all applications.

The IneBleč Data Server is a group of server-side applications: Data Server System; and a Database Server with operations-specific database: the Records Database.

Customer Benefits

The modularized development of the software provides several benefits to the end-user company. These benefits include Rapid Customization, Flexible Infrastructure, and excellent Access security, presently delineated:

Rapid customization as a benefit of the System, obtains because the modularization resulting in Search-Modules and the implementation of UI-templates makes it easy to add new Search-Modules as needed and to incorporate additional UIs as per the needs of the customer. This is possible due to the one-to-one correspondence between Search-Modules and UI-components.

Reliable Access-Security is another benefit of this  application. Access to the Client-applications for accessing the data is controlled by biometric feature of the user. As such, the access can most assuredly be

granted only to the specified staff. Access-Security, a major concern of law  enforcement environments, may be enforced as an option through the Data Services Manager by means of a biometric application, The Bio-recognizer. A biometric feature of the staff previously captured and stored is used at the IneBleč Client as part of the user-authentication process.

Scalability and Flexible Infrastructure is another benefit, resulting from the fact that the search-Modules are separated from the Data Server, hence enabling the easy removal, upgrade of installed Search-Modules as well as easy installation of new Search-Modules. The separation further allows the possibility of installing these components on different computers as improvement in performance is sought for.

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