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 PLC-Controllers Applications
 >> Sulphonation FF-Reactor Controller
 >> Alga Biomass Process Controller
 >> Biodiesel Process Controller
 >> BioMethanol Process Controller
 >> Fermentation Processes Controller
 >> Biofertilizers process Controller

PLC-Controller Servers

Controlling processes to operate within a set bounds, whether manufacturing or not, entails the use of various controller devices including PLC controls. However, irrespective of the programmability of the controller devices the demand for control almost always invariably results in the need for computational analysis that is predictive of the outcome based on the execution of PLC Control Applications, the results of which are communicated to the PLC devices for use in effecting the control need.

In an effort to support the implementation of such process control demand, the company has developed a collection of  PLC Control Applications, which are server-side applications that are configurable to interface with PLC devices

  Computed Process Control Applications
Currently, the Computational PLC Control Applications available for various process and process-equipment for deployment include:

Sulphonation Falling Film Reactor Control
Separation Process Controllers
Alga Biomass Process Controller
Biodiesel Process Controller
Methanol Biochemical Process Controller
Fermentation Processes Controller
Biofertilizers Process Controller

Of the course, the model for undertaking the predictive computational analysis must necessarily be accurately descriptive of the dynamics of the process or process-equipment it is analyzing, and then it must communicate the results to the PLC controller for input into the process unit.
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