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Mid-size Business Management Integrated-Applications

SoftWerks MSB Manager
Rel 1 ver 0.0

Integrated business management software, SoftWerks SMB Manager, represents a class of software for managing the small business in just about every market. The business management integrated-applications  essentially are co-deployments of market-specific combinations of the business operations applications with the architecture of client/server integrated through the unification of the operations-specific databases.

Market-Specific Product Edition
The software is available in editions corresponding to these specific business market:

Retail Stores Edition
PersonalCare Salon Edition
Liquor Stores Edition
Equipment Leaser Edition
General Contractor Edition

Product Functionality
These applications are extremely versatile.Then depending the specific needs of the business, the component may be augmented as appropriate with Data Systems: Compilers, Data Analyzers, Data Management Systems; Applications: Computing Cloud System, Information Delivery Systems; Business-wares: PointOfSales, RestaurantSuites.
Models of Product-Editions:
software is available in Models based on combinations of optional packages for business operations security and functionality demands:
Security with Biometric applications, functionality accessorial application, and profiles and patterns analyzer.
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