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Point of Sales (POS)

SoftWerksTM PointOfSale
MDX -Edition 
Rel 1 ver 0.0

Businesses a times prefer to have the database for the business data to be remote from the Cash Register and possibly also enable multiple access to the database by several POS machines. In those environments, the SoftWerks PointOfSale MDX is the most efficacious edition to deploy.

The SoftWerks PointOfSale, MDX-Edition is extremely versatile -- embodying all the standard features and for multi-seat user support also embodying remote database server and remote scan-codes storage, and the model being defined by some additional but optional competitive features in some combination of: Purchasers Data Collection, Purchasers Data Reviews, Credit Accounts Management

Product Models.

Specific Features



Standard Features


Standard Features
Purchasers Data Collection and Reviewing


Standard Features
Customer Credit Accounts Management

POS-MD10-MSQF Standard Features
Purchasers Data Collection and Reviewing
Customer Credit Accounts Management

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