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Data Analyzers

Data Pattern Analyzers

Data pattern analysis by the SoftWerks Pattern Analyzer  - one product of the trio of Data Analyzers of the company - provides a combination of both global and local evaluation of the characteristics of data-heaps. Discovery of patterns in data often time involves the use of the right tool or method for the right data heap, however, there is no comprehensive tool as every techniques uses a slightly different method. 

Besides as the right tool is never really known apriori so just about every method may have to be used, and accordingly, the software is a composite of several analysis techniques and performs these several analysis in varied sequences by dovetailing information schemed in one form of analysis in another in a dynamic detection of structures for discovery using the inherent Machine Learning Language paradigm built in.


Data Pattern Analyzer Models
The Data Pattern Analyzer is available in three models:

Structure & Flow Edition
Evolution Edition
Computed Data Edition

These models are also offered in two formats: Standard and Big Data formats.

Distributed software applications and remarkably  aided with memory partitioning, the software  particularly suitable for centralized multi-location multi-seat data pattern analyses, the SoftWerks Pattern Analyzers also embodies the Data Search Compilerto permit the rapid loading of data. The SoftWerks Pattern Analyzers consist of Clients Applications, and Data Services Manager; one server-side application-groups: Data Server System; and a Database Server with operations-specific database: The Records Database. The software communicates with the remote legacy systems through the Data Server which executes the database-specific Search-Module for performing the searches on the target database.

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