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Documents Serving Computing

Making certain documents available online for authorized persons to access often entails extensive system design and administrative tasks, least of which is not the security of access, and so requires the quality of the online documents cloud computing services of the company.


Documents Hosting Enabling Design
The proprietary software for business management are a family of software that are released under the trademark of

The hosting Infrastructure and the access security services are embodied by online publishing-specific design of our J2EE facility which has been built on our Journals Publishing J2EE System, and has the high performance characteristics of such systems.

Documents Cloud Computing
Designed as a specialized documents publishing system, the Documents Cloud Computing Solution
is particularly suitable for online documents delivery to multi-location or multi-staff operational needs as well as extensively distributed customer base.

As fault-tolerant dedicated system for Employee Training and Customer Support documents delivery, the Documents Cloud Computing Solution enhances the customer company capability in transforming itself into a Learning Organization for rapid growth and staff skill-sets development.

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