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EquiProc Designer System

Being of Distributed Applications Architecture, the EquiProc Designer Computing System is deployed accordingly as Workstation-based and Server-based applications,
and a database of myriad of scientific and material properties data for supporting the computations. The modules for each category of products are available in two versions: The Design version and the Analysis version; and the latter simply assesses the performance of an already deployed equipment while the former enables the evaluation of the sizes and properties of the materials of construction in addition to the functionalities of the latter.




Equipment Computation Modules
Heat Exchangers Modules
Chemical Reactors Modules
A standard EquiProc Designer Computational System, at a minimum, is an integrated set of Computation-Intensive applications also accessed and used through Design & Computation Workbenches

Design Workbench
The computing system client application by which the corresponding Design Platform is initialized for design purposes. Every Design Computation Module is associated with a Design Workbench component supporting the design of the underlying equipment of the Module.

Computation Workbench
The computing system client application by which computation instructions and data are sent to the Computing Systems by end-user to commence a computational task.

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