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Data i-Hosting

Medical Records i-Hosting Solutions

Storing of records of any form has become a time-consuming activity in just any business and is even more so in the medical industry; alleviating this problem in the medical business, we have been developing Medical Records i-Hosting Systems

    Data i-Hosting Facilities
Robust high performance dynamic system and operating database, the Data i-Hosting Facilities is a collection of online customer-specific databases, that are managed by a central access manager system, that securely dynamically configures access of a customer to the client-database.
Medical Records i-Hosting Benefits
Cost saving is the immediate benefit: The solution enables medical facilities to
transform current Medical Records Management System into the less expensive Medical Records Cloud Computing MRIT systems.

Support for storage of hard-copies of records usually generated in course of patientsí treatment, which are also significant for record purposes is also one of the many benefits: Admittedly Medical Records Databases are readily developed with templates developed specifically for records storage, reducing the database design task to just installation and configuration to get started.  However, such databases are usually not robust enough for hard-copies storage.

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