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Products Bulletin

This board lists most of our products released for different industries, but also includes those products that are in testing or in development. The objective here is to inform our customers of current and future releases of products to enable prospective user plan for purchases or recognize the availability of products for their needs; and the listing is an announcement for the benefit of our customer; and so that interested parties may track releases that are of interest to them.



Planned Releases 
Product releases planned for the next two years are as listed in below. These are listed under the categories with several listing of the models.
Release Year  Business Management Software Engineering Designs Software
SoftWerks Company Manager
Retail Store Edition
Professional Services Edition
Consultants Editions
Hotel & Restaurants Edition
Manufacture Edition
EquiProc Designer Software
Continuous Flow Chemical Reactors
Heat Exchangers
Falling Film Chemical Reactors
Distillation Column
Thermo-Syphon ReBoilers.
2006 SoftWerks Enterprise Manager
Hotel & Restaurants Edition
Manufacture Edition
EquiProc Designer Software
Packed-Bed Catalytic Chemical Reactors
Oil Extraction Modeler


Software Tools
Tools for undertaking certain tasks are also occasionally developed for customer specific uses. Some such applications are also available for purchase but not necessarily listed here.

For a list of such tools please contact us either by phone at 201-487-0870 or by email at techinfo.


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