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Reservations Data i-Hosting

Businesses operating with Reservations Systems generally operate in  very volatile,  markets hence dynamic operations with cycles of under-capacity and over-capacity; however, dynamic configuration of remote shared-system as proffered by data i-hosting essentially eliminates the problem through systems use-leveling, expense matching with system-use.

    Data i-Hosting Solution 
Robust high performance dynamic system and operating database, the Data i-Hosting Facilities is a collection of online customer-specific databases, that are managed by a central access manager system, that securely dynamically configures access of a customer to the client-database.
Reservation i-Hosting Solutions
Cost saving is the immediate benefit: The solution enables corporations operating with reservation systems to
transform their current Capital Expense Systems into Operating Expense System, that is marked with significantly cost saving.

Reservations systems also being very dynamic by the nature of operation, fails often, hence requiring that extensive redundancies be built in the system; however, the dynamic configuration of remote shared-system as proffered by data i-hosting supports the corporate operations with the same level of reliability without the added Capital Cost and System Administration expenses.

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