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Large-Size Business Management Integrated-Applications

SoftWerks Company Manager
Rel 1 ver 0.0

Integrated business management software, SoftWerks Company Manager, fully distributed Client-Server software, represents a class of software for managing the full and large businesses in just about every market. The business management integrated-applications  essentially are fully monolithic server application of market-specific combinations of the business operations applications with the architecture of client/server integrated through the unification of the operations-specific databases.

Product Models
The software is available in editions corresponding to these specific business market:

General Company
Hospital Management Edition
Hotels & Restaurants Edition
Retail Stores Edition

Warehouse Management

Product Functionality
These applications are extremely versatile.Then depending the specific needs of the business, the component may be augmented as appropriate with operations-specific functionality with Data Systems: Compilers, Data Analyzers, Data Management Systems; Applications: Computing Cloud System, Information Delivery Systems; Business-wares: PointOfSales, RestaurantSuites, Scientific Computing Systems,
Models of Product-Editions:
software is available in Models based on combinations of optional packages for business operations security and functionality demands:
Security with Biometric applications as Retina-Scan Bio-Recognition Systems, functionality accessorial application, and profiles and patterns analyzer.



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