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Data Cloud Computing

Materials Properties Data Computing

Recent explosion of knowledge in material sciences, solid-solid solutions designs, etc has generated such volume of data about the new and old materials and as a result most endeavors about materials can longer readily find data to address matters of concern of the moment. The Materials properties Data computing facility accumulates and centralizes material properties data for ready access by prospective end-users

    The Solution & Enabling Designs
The flexibility and efficacy of the solutions derives from the specificity of the design with respect to the business operations that needs hosted data.

The Data Infrastructure and the accessory components are embodied by the Data cloud Computing facility which has been designed to meet the needs of each class of operations for which the solution was targeted.

  Materials Properties Computing
his solution is developed for dedicated delivery of all forms of Material Properties from engineering properties through thermodynamic properties. Myriad of data analyses techniques are employed to compile and calculate data from publicly available data. The power and sophistication of the computational methods for calculating some immeasurable but computable data partly sets the delivered data from others.
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