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Product Versions

The proprietary software for business management are a family of software. However, relatively, this family of software is uniquely set-apart by the inter-logics interfaces which embody the market-specific activities of the target end-user business. Moreover the activities are grouped into functionalities consistent with most sub-processes of the business process model developed by companies. Hence, the business plan of any company can be easily implemented on each industry-specific versions of the software.

Product Versions
 Classification Criteria  Business Size Classification
 Functional Segmentation  None  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Employee Count  Up to 5  Up to 100  Up to 500  Above 500
 Distributed  Operations  None  None  None  Yes
 Locations  None  None  Yes  Yes
The business management software series is released in three product versions: Small Company, Full & Large Company and Enterprise Company versions. In keeping with our Mission, our software modules are developed for applications across-market boundaries and then packaged into market specific product. Accordingly for the purposes of implementing market-specificity: Small Company --SC, Full Company FC, Large Company LC, Enterprise Company EC; we employed a set of classification criteria.
Selection Criteria
 Business  Size  Product Version  Database Server Type
 Standard  Optional
 SC  SmallBusiness Manager  MySQL  MS SQL, Oracle
 FC  Company Manager  MS SQL, Oracle  MySQL
 LC  Company Manager  MS SQL, Oracle  DB2
 EC  Enterprise Manager  Oracle, DB2  MS SQL
The applicability of any family of our software to a business is determined by the set of criteria we used to defined the product version, which can also be employed to the same end by the prospective user, and by which the product-versions are defined for the end-user business:
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