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SoftWerks Data Compilers

With the SoftWerks Data Compiler Software, data staff readily discover and maintain discovery audit-trail of data heap of interest, and are particularly empowered, gathering data for the purposes of competitor intelligence in marketing strategy development, market research data compilation, data mining as data-selection operations, and generally any data or record.


The software is available in two versions for data staff to deploy for discovering crucial data, report the finds, and also acquire and store the data:

Data Finder-Compiler
Data Search Compiler ;

the fully automated data collector, and the data staff focused data compiler respectively.

SoftWerks Data Compiler Solution
Accessing data on a demand basis has become quite a challenge partly because the volume of data generated daily has exploded tremendously, and partly because the data reside in many disparate and far flung apart sources given that very many entities actually generate the data; and data compiler solution permits effective search and compilation of data from those myriad storage sources.
Source of Efficacy
The Data Compiler software is efficacious being developed and packaged to enable access to just about any computer machine for which the data staff is granted access, including legacy mainframes; and hence
the Compilers enhance the productivity of data staff by the virtually wide open data accumulating functionality, and in addition to improving the speed and accuracy of such data discovery and acquisitions.
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