Hackensack, NJ. January 10, 2017
Software-packages IP Rights Ownerships and Assignments

The company has assigned Okumaye Publishing Co, Inc. the rights for the publishing (and hence the copyrights) of all software and User Manuals  for the company software, with the manuals to be based on related manuscripts provided by the company; accordingly, Okumaye Publishing  will be publishing the manuals with its UPC codes; and for consistency of product referencing, ... (more news >>>... )


Hackensack, NJ. January 9, 2017
Business-wares Software Systems Requirement

The Operating Systems, OSs, requirement for the Business-ware software releases as planned are set as Windows XP and 7, as the software was originally developed on Windows XP, and because Windows 7 has the XP emulator that enables the execution of the software. Upgrades to Windows 8 and 10, will be also appropriately followed with announcements about such changes. (more news >>>... )


Hackensack, NJ. January 9, 2017
Release Delay: SoftWerks-AningbaTM Bioreactions Analyzers

The planned released of the class of Biotechnology Software, SoftWerks-AningbaTM Bioreactions Analyzers, for Bioreactions Analysis is being delayed until the legal ownership structure has been fully implemented particularly with respect to the assignment of the copyrights and execution other various inter-party agreements.  (more news >>>... )